J C, Westlake
The home-made food and family atmosphere make this well worth the trip from the far west-side. Generous portions mean we all get to take home leftovers for another tasty meal the next day.
Barb, Cleveland
Good bread, good meat, good gosh, come here to eat. Delicious comfort food in a family-run operation. No chain restaurant here.
Jim, Euclid
 Try the combo platter to get the best of all worlds here - cevapi (sausage), schnitzel, porkchop, city chicken, and grilled chicken. Bring a group so someone else can order the not-to-be missed goulash. Take home a menu so you know what days they serve chicken paprikash or stuffed cabbage - yum. You won't have room for desert -- strudel or pie, so take some with you because you'll be sorry if you don't.